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HGH Pills

Human growth hormones pills are used to help relieve and enhance many medical conditions. They are used as traditional and alternative medicines for anything from problems with decrease in muscle mass and bone density, anti-aging, kidney failure, improve mood swings and endurance, and many other needs. HGH comes in both pill and injection form. The human growth… Read More »

Human Growth Hormone Cream

Human Growth Hormone deficiency is treated by replacing growth hormone (GH). All GH are manufactured by recombinant DNA technology. GH is a dominating hormone as it is emitted from anterior pituitary gland – the master gland. At the time of puberty, GrowthHormone determines a persons bone-size and height. Despite availability in the market, the injections, sprays, pills… Read More »

HGH Liquid

The homeopathic interpretation of HGH is the Liquid Human Growth Hormone. It comes in the form of oral spray and drops. This HGH has very little amount of growth hormone or its elements in it. What ever little hormone it has that is frozen in water. This small amount of the growth hormone when taken will… Read More »

HGH Spray

With many HGH products in the market these days, it is sometimes difficult to make up our minds as to which ones we should go for. Before we can even think of that, we should also face the query, do we really need the HGH magic?   First of all, contrary to what some of the scientists… Read More »