HGH Pills

By | May 3, 2017

Human growth hormones pills are used to help relieve and enhance many medical conditions. They are used as traditional and alternative medicines for anything from problems with decrease in muscle mass and bone density, anti-aging, kidney failure, improve mood swings and endurance, and many other needs. HGH comes in both pill and injection form. The human growth hormone originally is produces by the brain and helps the body control growth. Sometimes children don’t create enough and need supplements to help them grow. Many older people also need supplements to keep them more mobile and energetic. Also athletes have come to abuse the growth hormone in attempts to enhance their endurancemuscle mass and strength.

The pill form of HGH is widely used and not as harmful to your body as the injection. Pills are sold nationwide in pharmacies, and retail chain nutrition stores claiming to work. However, physicians only prescribe the injection form for pituitary diseases and older adults that need to raise their growth hormone levels. The pill form does not have much proof of their effectiveness. A pill form of HGH would most likely be attacked by your stomach acids before it has enough time to get into your blood stream.

Alternative medicines claim that the HGH pills have anti-aging benefits that it’s “plastic surgery in a bottle”. Injections will help with signs of aging but the pills will not. HGH will not extend your life it only delays the effects of agingand sometimes not very well. The pills are not backed by much research to show they have any effectiveness, it’s just another pill scam to make the consumer think they are saving money and getting results when actually a good diet, sleep and exercise would help more than anything and the only reasons they think they see results is because they feel better about themselves.

Despite whether you take the pills or injections all HGH products carry side effects and should be used with caution. Side effects are vast and become extremely serious even resulting in death. Most effects reported are joint pain, headaches, swelling of extremities, high blood pressure, bloating, and diabetes. More severe problems with taking human growth hormones are hardening of the arteries, abnormal growth of bones and organs, deterioration of the pituitary gland and decrease in its functions, and impotence. To lessen the effects of HGH you should lower the dosage and take it less often until you can come to completely weaning your body off the medication if you need to. Introducing any substance into your body can cause problems so you should always be careful when taking any pills.

HGH is designed to help stimulate hormone growth and causes an increase in size of majority of the consumer’s organs –heart, liver, kidneys, etc. This leads to a serious concern for contracting or developing chronic diseases. HGH pill supplements and injections should only be used when you absolutely need them and under the care of a trusted physician.