Human Growth Hormone Cream

By | April 29, 2017

Human Growth Hormone deficiency is treated by replacing growth hormone (GH). All GH are manufactured by recombinant DNA technology. GH is a dominating hormone as it is emitted from anterior pituitary gland – the master gland. At the time of puberty, GrowthHormone determines a persons bone-size and height. Despite availability in the market, the injections, sprays, pills and so on; the cream is the most favored. This cream is absorbed through skin very easily. From subcutaneous-fat, these creams are absorbed by capillary-blood. In this way absorption will be the best for all skin-sites to where people apply: face, chest, neck, breasts, palms and inner side of the arms.

These creams are nothing but Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). They are synthesized in 2% base for easy absorption by the skin. These creams are hypoallergenic as well as anti-comedogenic, and have a pH of 5.5. Anti-comedogenic are essential in combating Acne vulgarism. Creams usually do not contain artificial coloring and vitamin additives or other ingredients prone to alter the effects of pure DHEA. Their non-greasy texture is helpful to penetrate the multiple layers of the skin. They bring back the firmness, elasticity, and anti-wrinkle powers of youthful skin. Professional manufacturers synthesize these creams to hydrate, nourish and protect the skin.

– Expeditiously moisturizing the epidermis
– Retards the aging process of the skin
– Improves the firmness, tonicity, and elasticity of the skin
– Decreases wrinkles
– Diminishes brown age spots
– Rejuvenates the cells of the epidermis and
– Non-greasy texture

For the best results, the cream has to be applied to a dose of 1 g per day after cleaning the parts of application like face or neck. Daily application is needed.

Creams are meant only for adults. Pregnant and breast feeding women should not use them. Breast cancers, cancer of the ovaries, or prostate cancer patients are forbidden to use.

These creams are recommended for use mainly in the morning.

Human Growth Hormone Cream comes in tube with trans-dermal gel. Testosterone trans-dermal gel is beneficial in enhancing sexual response in postmenopausal women. They safely increase human growth hormone levels.

This subversive product features Liposome technology. Billions of tiny microscopic time-released bubbles are filled with safe homeopathic human growth hormone for direct absorption into the bloodstream. These creams are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

These human growth hormone replacement therapy cream has been found to reduce obesity, increase energy levels, enhance sexual performance, improve memory and vision, increase bone mass, and strengthen the immune system. When human growth hormone levels are restored, patients begin to feel and look younger and have more vitality. This is otherwise a perfect body cream.

Several anti-aging supplements and organic skin care cream products made with plant placenta to rejuvenate the entire face and body are available in the market. Under the pistil, plant placenta plays the role of a nourishing liquid, feeding the fruit during its growth thru a veritable little umbilical cord. Biochemical research has revealed the composition of plant placenta to that of human placenta. They have a bio-analogous composition. They have notably observed that they are similar in terms of their amino acid content and distribution.

Summing Up
Human Growth Hormone deficiency is treated by replacing growth hormone. These human growth hormone replacement therapy creams has been found to reduce several deficiencies in human body. These creams are meant only for adults.